The Festival Center Receives District Sustainability Award

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Washington, DC (March 29, 2024) – New Columbia Solar is proud to announce The Festival Center’s recognition as a recipient of the 2024 District Sustainability Award. Presented by the Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE), this award champions the Center’s commitment to advancing sustainability in the District.

The District Sustainability Award celebrates outstanding businesses, individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future for Washington, DC.  Recipients of this award embody the spirit of the Mayor’s Sustainable DC Plan. This plan puts forth an ambitious framework designed to propel the District forward as the nation’s environmental leader. The comprehensive plan encompasses equity, governance, education, built environment, climate, economy, energy, food, nature, transportation, waste, and water.

New Columbia Solar is honored to have collaborated with The Festival Center and Usource Services to install an innovative solar energy system. With 88 rooftop panels and 19 additional panels in an inventive awning-style configuration, this system maximizes energy production while showcasing New Columbia’s design expertise. As the owner and operator of the system, New Columbia is thrilled to have helped The Festival Center off set electricity costs – an expected $185,000 over the 20-year lifetime of the system. Critically, this $0 PPA arrangement has allowed the Center to install a brand new all-electric, energy-efficient kitchen. New Columbia is honored to help The Festival Center achieve their mission while simultaneously striving for carbon neutrality.

The Festival Center has proven to be a driver of change in Washington, DC and has emerged as a leader in sustainability. The Center’s 19,000-square-foot facility exceeds current DC energy efficiency standards by an impressive margin, setting a benchmark for environmentally conscious construction and operation. New Columbia is proud to have collaborated with The Festival Center to realize this ambitious project.

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