CleanChoice Energy Completes Latest 1-mw Community Solar Portfolio In D.C.

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CleanChoice Energy and D.C.-based New Columbia Solar have opened a new 1-MW community solar portfolio to residents of the District of Columbia. The new community solar portfolio will serve nearly two hundred D.C. residents.

New Columbia Solar developed and built the community solar projects and will continue to own, operate, and maintain the projects for the next 20 years. CleanChoice Energy manages project subscriptions, billing, and overall customer experience.

“If the District is serious about meeting its commitment to 100% renewable energy, expanding community solar options for residents is essential. These new solar projects enable district residents to save money on their utility bills, expand solar access to all consumers, and support local renewable energy growth,” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “Community solar is a win for DC and a win for our planet, so each new project is great news.”

“We are very excited to work with CleanChoice to make solar access as easy as humanly possible for District residents and businesses. With community solar, we have the opportunity to reinvest in our city and provide local, renewable energy to our community,” said Michael Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar.

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New Columbia Solar is a Washington, DC-based solar energy company, financier, owner, and operator of commercial and industrial solar energy facilities. Founded in 2016, the company y has grown to be the largest and most comprehensive solar energy company in the District of Columbia. Our mission is to help landlord’s and their surrounding communities take advantage of renewable energy and the profits and energy resiliency it provides. For more information, visit:

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