4600 Connecticut Ave



Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue


97 kW

System Size


86 MT

of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)



Tree Seedlings, Grown For 10 Years (Equivalent)



Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date: September 2017

This nine-story building is located off a busy avenue in NW D.C. with a ballasted roof.

As a high-end condo building located in busy Van Ness, 4600 Connecticut boasts over 268 units over 9 stories. New Columbia Solar worked to understand the needs of property management in preserving the building amenities and maintaining normal business operations. That’s why the New Columbia Solar team worked with management on a solar design that would still allow for residents to take full advantage of the building’s rooftop deck. The solar system does not interfere with the sweeping views over Connecticut Avenue as it is integrated right into the ballasted roof membrane.

A common challenge with installing solar systems on buildings taller than 8 stories is the increased wind speeds that come with the altitude. However, New Columbia Solar utilizes the most advanced solutions, including the installation of wind deflectors to distribute and reduce loading on the roof, making solar accessible for all building types. The deflectors regulate air flow beneath the panels ensuring safe and secure operations for years to come.

The system consists of 285 Recom 335W panels and SolarEdge inverters making the total system size 96.9 kW DC. All of the electricity generated by the rooftop array is fed directly to the building, supplying both management and residents with clean energy savings on electricity bills. On average, the solar system curbs $3,800 in added electricity costs each year, with lifetime savings estimated at $84,000. The added savings provides building management with a savings reserve to cover the costs of property improvements while avoiding rent increases.

“NCS has been a pleasure to work with through the solar installation process. The work had zero impact on our management time. They took care of everything. There was nothing for me to do as building manager. The impact on top floor residents was minimal. They let us know in advance when they would be on the roof, and they respected our request that no work be done before 9:00 AM.”

Harry Richter