Atlas Performing Arts Center



Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue


173 kW

System Size


156 MT

of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)



Tree Seedlings, Grown For 10 Years (Equivalent)



Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date: Winter 2018

Serving as the cultural anchor of H St corridor, the Atlas Performing Arts Center is a non-profit performing arts venue housed in a historic theater. Constructed in 1938 and later renovated in 2003, the building was in need of a new roof and a more efficient way to source its electricity. With sustainability and economic feasibility in mind, the Atlas chose to lease their roof to New Columbia Solar (NCS), as a part of the agreement NCS installed a free solar system and free roof replacement.

The 173 kW solar system produces 221,300 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, equating to 172,406 pounds of coal burned. The energy generated by the system is utilized directly on site and helps the Atlas save over 30% on their electricity bills.

By coupling the roof replacement with the solar installation, New Columbia Solar was able to fully cover the costs of the roof replacement as a part of the solar lease. The completely new roof was sealed with a UV-resistant TPO membrane, ensuring longevity of the roof while also helping to maintain building temperatures and increase energy efficiency.

With a mission to bring people together through the arts and strengthen the bonds of the local community, the Atlas found a compatible solar partner in NCS, a local company similarly dedicated to helping other locals. This project truly embodies the missions of both organizations thanks to the wide-reaching impact that clean energy can provide. No matter the property’s financial position or physical condition, New Columbia Solar is committed to making solar energy accessible and feasible for all of DC.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlas Performing Arts Center closed its doors in order to keep the community safe and remains closed until further notice. In its 14 years, the Atlas has never been so quiet and the venue needs support now more than ever. If you are able, please consider supporting the Atlas with a donation that will help the Atlas continue to serve the local community through this difficult year and beyond.

Help the Atlas keep the lights on!