Audi Field

628 kW

System Size

556 MT

of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)

Tree Seedlings

Grown for 10 Years (Equivalent)


Utility Dependency
Offset (Percentage)

Install Date: Spring 2019

After a competitive bid process, Audi Field, the home of Major League Soccer club, D.C. United chose New Columbia Solar to design, build, own, and operate a 627.8 kW-sized solar system across the stadium’s canopies and rooftop.

The 20,000-seat stadium’s addition of more than 1,700 Sunpower 360W solar panels will generate over 787,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy on-site, and nearly 20 million kilowatt hours over its expected 25 years of operation. A system of this size will reduce CO2 emissions by 556 metric tons annually, equating to the amount of electricity required to power 95 homes for an entire year.

Audi Field’s solar facility reduces the stadium’s utility dependency by 30% annually, based on the stadium’s annual consumption of about 2.067 gigawatt hours annually. Additionally, the renewable energy generated by the stadium will offset electricity costs significantly each year.

D.C. United earned a LEED Gold certification for Audi Field in 2018 and have played a leading role in Major League Soccer’s Greener Goals initiative.