Celestial Church of Christ



Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue



System Size, Kilowatts



Metric Tons Of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)



Tree Seedlings, Grown For 10 Years (Equivalent)



Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date August 2018

A landmark church in SW D.C. with a roof that was in disrepair and suffered from extensive leaks.

New Columbia Solar worked with The Celestial Church of Christ to find a solution to a problem that would typically make solar inaccessible. The NCS team was able to install a 81k W system consisting of 226 SunPower SPR-X22-360 solar modules and 5 Fronius Symo 15.0-3208V inverters, replace the roof, and also provide a 25-year warranty for the work.

The NCS team worked with our trusted roofing partners to replace the old TPO roof with a new membrane as well as a complete replacement of the old roof decking. This roof, that was once in despair, will now enable nearly 29 homes in the area to benefit from local clean energy by utilizing community solar. Each subscriber will see lower electric bills for the lifetime of the solar system