Kipp DC College Preparatory



Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue


323 kW

System Size


280 MT

of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)



Tree Seedlings, Grown For 10 Years (Equivalent)



Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date: April 25th, 2019

A public charter school in NE D.C. looking to reduce its carbon footprint and redirect savings into the classroom, while minimizing disruption to students and staff.

This public charter school was the first of many KIPP DC properties to receive a no-cost solar installation with New Columbia Solar. The solar carport installed on the property brings many benefits beyond clean energy, including increased shading and protection for employees’ cars parked beneath. The system also assists in stormwater management on the property by directing snow, sleet, and rain to avoid the paved areas and drain directly into a grassy swale designed to increase groundwater for the region.

The carport is made up of 687 SunPower 470W panels and 7 SMA inverters, generating a system capacity of 323 kW DC. With 100% of the clean power generated going directly to the school’s campus, KIPP College Preparatory is saving over $64,000 in electricity costs each year. Money that would otherwise be spent on powering the school is now being redirected to classroom resources enhancing the learning experience for the students. Over the lifetime of the system, KIPP College Preparatory is expected to save $564,693 in energy costs, allowing for major upgrades to the property or curriculum.

“With our primary focus being on the students, having an experienced and thoughtful solar partner is of the utmost importance to a successful project. Partnering with New Columbia Solar (NCS) allowed us to rest more easily knowing that we could focus on education while NCS focused on all the plans and work involved in installing the system.

Working around our school schedule was crucial and NCS made that a priority. It has been a pleasure working with NCS to promote sustainability through solar at our high school.”

Nate Schwartz