Robert Siegel Inc. Rooftop and Canopy


Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue


System Size, Kilowatts


Rooftop Annual Electricity Savings


Canopy Annual Lease Revenue


Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date: Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Robert Siegel’s property in NE DC features 2 different solar installations that truly demonstrate our ability to find the best solar solution for any property and monetize the available space. The 70 kW rooftop project is a net-metered interconnection and feeds the energy produced directly into the building. With a much lower electricity rate than normal utility, the business is saving $1,800 each year in energy savings. Additionally, when paired with the parking canopy project, we were able to finance the cost of a brand new roof valued at $90,000.

Unlike the rooftop, the canopy project is interconnected directly to the community grid. So in lieu of electricity savings, the property receives around $22,000 in annual lease payments for making the lot available for the canopy. And to top it off, the canopy provides shade and weather protection for the cars parked beneath as well as enhanced lighting for the nighttime. Thanks to the innovation of Quest Renewables, we were able to build a long span canopy that maximizes the solar production for a parking lot of that size. As a DCSEU Solar for All project, the canopy will provide all of that energy to over 50 low-to-moderate-income households, saving them an estimated 50% on their energy bills.

The systems combined will produce nearly 400,000 kWh hours of renewable energy annually. That’s equivalent to removing 280 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or burning 310,000 pounds of coal.