Q&A: New Columbia Solar CEO Mike Healy on DC’s Historic Clean Energy Vote

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By Frank Andorka, Senior Correspondent for SolarWakeUp

After the DC City Council passed its groundbreaking clean energy resolution on Tuesday, reaction came in fast and furious. One of those people who reacted was New Columbia CEO Mike Healy, whose company works strictly within the district and is heavily invested in solar development in the city. We thought he’d be the perfect person to weigh in on the resolution, which now goes to Mayor Muriel Bowser for her signature and then on to Congress and the President for approval. Here’s what he had to say on the historic passage.

SolarWakeup: What is the specific impact of Tuesday’s vote?

New Columbia Solar’s CEO Mike Healy: The District is going to be 100% powered by clean energy by 2032, with 10% of that power coming from solar energy.

SolarWakeup: How did the DC Council get here?

Mike Healy: The Council and the city leadership have shown strong and consistent environmental and clean energy leadership over the past 15 years. The passage of the Clean Energy DC Act is an important step in a long history of developing a robust clean energy industry in the District.

SolarWakeup: What makes the DC vote so groundbreaking?

Mike Healy: It is the strongest, most aggressive renewable clean energy target in the country. As the nation’s capital, we are setting a precedent by ensuring it’s going to be powered by clean energy.

The District is leading in utilizing renewable energy as a mechanism to help preserve affordable housing and assist low income residents in the District.

SolarWakeup: Do you foresee any opposition in Congress or by the President?

Mike Healy: No.

SolarWakeup: What effect will this have on New Columbia Solar’s business?

Mike Healy: We are a local company focused on the District, that means hiring District residents and working with local partners. The passage of The Clean Energy DC Act creates an opportunity that allows our company to stay focused on the District and not have to go anywhere else. We can focus our efforts fully on the community that we love.

SolarWakeup: How do you think DC’s vote will affect similar efforts around the country, if at all?

Mike Healy: As the Nation’s capital – this should set the stage for both states and cities. We are setting an example by how we power our city and showing how local clean energy can benefit our city’s most vulnerable residents.

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