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The first episode of the People Powered series, presented by the Department of Energy podcast Direct Current, featured an interview between the host Matt Dozier and New Columbia Solar’s Construction Manager, Kaly Moore. The new series showcases real stories from energy sector employees.

To learn more about the podcast, visit People Powered: Kaly More, Solar Construction Manager.


People Powered: Kaly Moore, Construction Manager
with host Matt Dozier, Department of Energy

About New Columbia Solar

New Columbia Solar develops, finances, owns, and operates rooftop, canopy, and ground-mounted solar projects located on commercial, industrial, multi-family, non-profit, and faith-based properties across the District of Columbia and Maryland. Founded in 2016, the company has grown to be the largest and most comprehensive solar energy company in the District of Columbia with a mission to power every home and business in the District of Columbia with solar energy. They pride themselves on using solar energy to provide increased cash flow and financial flexibility to more than 100 schools, nonprofits and residential building owners across the District. For more information visit

New Columbia Solar Contact: Becca Shopiro
Phone: (224) 522-9423
Email: [email protected]

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